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Day 3 of Tricia’s Transformation

Tricia’s rocking her cleanse on Day 3 with high energy.  Don’t get too cocky though, Tricia:  you’re not out of the woods yet!  😉 She also gives you a nice little overview of what […]

Day 2 of Tricia’s Transformation

On Day 2 of Tricia’s iZO Cleanse, she’s feeling a bit hazy which is totally to be expected as the body experiences the toxins on their way out.  Check out her video and you’ll […]

Tricia’s Transformation- Day 1

Introducing Tricia Eastman on Day 1 of her 30-day iZO Cleanse Transformation! What you are about to see unfold over the next 30 days will be both dramatic and profound.

Tricia got sick from adrenal […]

Acupuncture with Dr. Jeremiah Krieger

On Day 32 of my cleanse, I had a sweet acupuncture session with Dr. Jeremiah Krieger in Santa Monica. As I mentioned in previous blogs, even before I started the cleanse I was experiencing […]

Endermologie with Leesah Givot at My Sweet Body

In one of my last blogs, I described my endermologie appointment with Leesah Givot at ‘My Sweet Body’ in Burbank. Leesah is not only the queen of LA endermologie in my opinion, but also […]

The Greatest Massage Ever!?!

Wow, tonight I am not exaggerating when I say I just got the best deep tissue massage I have ever experienced! And I’ve gotten a ton of bodywork from the best of the best […]

Day 30: Halftime Report

It is the end of Day 30 and I am officially crossing the halfway mark on this cleanse. Looking back over the last month, it is amazing to me how fast it has gone, […]

Contest Winner Announcement

Ok, the day is finally here! We have a winner of the iZO ‘Design Your Evolution’ contest! The winner will be getting a FREE 7-day iZO Superfood Cleanse worth $300.

Let me tell you, this […]

Dr. Gabriel Cousens Interview

This weekend, I had the pleasure of catching up with the legendary Raw Food guru, Dr. Gabriel Cousens of the Tree of Life Center at the 2014 Raw Living Expo in Westlake Village, CA […]

Gentle Wellness

Today I had the satisfying experience of getting a colonic from Franz Robert at Gentle Wellness Center in Santa Monica. Franz and her partner, Suzanne Childre are what you might consider OG Colonic Hydrotherapists. […]