*It’s been a full 2 weeks since I quit drinking and it’s been great! Not an inkling of pang for wine, and I’ve been getting into a good groove with life: rising at dawn, doing my daily Spiritual Kung-fu, regular Yoga, eating perfectly vegan, no need for naps. But I want to address something that’s been brought to my attention for a minute.

It seems that many of you who read my very honest admissions of my relationship with alcohol cringed for me, thinking that I had somehow diminished myself or hurt myself by revealing to the world so transparently my imperfections. Well, I do appreciate the concern! Seriously! Here are my thoughts on that:

1) This is my job. My job is to introduce you to products and programs that will help you evolve on all levels. iZO Cleanse was borne out of my own quest for optimal health and when I figured it out, I realized I needed to pass on the info to people and enable them to have the best experience with juice cleansing.

But as we know, going down the transformative path of juice cleansing or any kind of healing work on yourself, opens up many a can of emotional worms and brings any perceived short-comings and weaknesses to the surface. So part of my job is to necessarily deal with that dark stuff that comes up, and help people process their experiences.

One of the most powerful ways to do that is to share exactly my own vulnerable experiences of evolution. I am here to inspire you to take yourself to the next level, and often that involves showing you how I have been imperfect so that you can learn from my mistakes, and see how I process and heal from them. I’m here to show you an example of vulnerability.

2) I’m not your average health guru, and in fact I am not a health guru period! I very much dislike the guru concept of ‘following’ someone and giving up your power to a guru-on-high. But beyond that, I’m certainly not perfect, living in an ivory white tower, born flawless. Obviously no one is perfect. But there are some in the wellness world that are certainly presented as the portrait of perfection…

For instance, the article on Amanda Chantal Bacon from Moon Juice in this month’s Elle is making quite the stir in social media, and there are even youtube parodies of her acting all haughty-taughty about her enlightened diet which are quite funny, if not a bit unfair towards her (Although I don’t know her personally, I honestly don’t find Ms Bacon to be douchey from what I’ve seen in her videos…I mean, if anything I’m jealous! but not really…)

Yeah, not my style. Round these parts, you’re likely to get more of the unflattering self-deprecating underbelly because I find that the real juicy lessons and truths to be discovered in life come from facing our dark side. I like to keep it *real* real, warts and all.

3) If you thought that blog was cringe-worthy, wait till you see what I’ve got coming! It’s the kind of stuff you just don’t want your parents reading. And in fact, yes, my extremely honest revelations over the years have been a point of contention in my relationship with my parents, especially my Dad who absolutely HATES that I talk about my own weaknesses.

But again, it’s my job. Trust me, I’m not doing it for the attention. One doesn’t generally want attention for the kinds of things I’m going to get into with you on this writing journey. I’m putting it out there because I think it is valuable for people to witness others dealing with the same general issues as they are and to see that there are ways to transmute pain and trauma into healing Love. There is no shame in being real. Vulnerability is strength!

Anyhow, thank you for joining me on this intimate journey. If you feel like cringing, please go right ahead, and even let me know! I welcome and cherish your realness!