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Big News!

Hello iZO Cleansers!
Wow –
These last months have seen an incredible rebirth of iZO. New website, exciting new products and juice blends, and new reduced pricing to increase our reach to the world!
Along with this, […]

April 16th, 2014|Uncategorized|

A New World Ardor

A couple of weeks ago, a very interesting article came out in Well + Good, a prominent online news wire for all good things health and wellness.  Based primarily in New York City but […]

March 26th, 2014|Ardor|

Tricia’s Endermologie Session at My Sweet Body

On Day 14 of her iZO Cleanse, Tricia visited with the talented Leesah Givot of My Sweet Body Endermologie.

For those of you who don’t know, Endermologie involves the use of a badass vacuum-like […]

Tim’s Day 60! Update on Candida and Liver Heat

Well, it’s Day 60 of my 60-day cleanse and what a journey it has been!  This cleanse was truly a bridge between lives for me.  I will expound on the major milestones that marked […]

Tricia Day 12: Gentle Wellness Open System Colonic

On Day 12, Tricia got her second colonic with Suzanne Childre at Gentle Wellness in Santa Monica. This time her colonic was on an Open system which was a little challenging for Tricia […]