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Tim’s Day 60! Update on Candida and Liver Heat

Well, it’s Day 60 of my 60-day cleanse and what a journey it has been!  This cleanse was truly a bridge between lives for me.  I will expound on the major milestones that marked […]

Tricia Day 12: Gentle Wellness Open System Colonic

On Day 12, Tricia got her second colonic with Suzanne Childre at Gentle Wellness in Santa Monica.  www.gentlewellnesscenter.com This time her colonic was on an Open system which was a little challenging for Tricia […]

Lymphatic Drainage with Marci Javril

On Day 8 of her iZO Cleanse, Tricia visited the incomparable Marci Javril from Yoga of Touch for a curiously fun lymphatic drainage session. There’s really no point in trying to describe this video. […]

My Magical Encounter with the Dalai Lama’s Healing Presence

Day 52: Yesterday was a magical day for me. I woke up to Tricia Eastman, the young lady that has been transparently documenting her 30-day cleanse, gifting me a hot sold-out ticket to see […]

February 26th, 2014|Tim's 60-Day Cleanse|

Detoxing from Heavy Metals

I want to share with you a powerful daily protocol I introduced on Day 30 of my cleanse. It’s the Heavy Metal Hardcore add-on of the iZO Cleanse, designed to cleanse the body of […]

February 24th, 2014|Tim's 60-Day Cleanse|