Ok, the day is finally here! We have a winner of the iZO ‘Design Your Evolution’ contest! The winner will be getting a FREE 7-day iZO Superfood Cleanse worth $300.

Let me tell you, this was NOT an easy decision to make! We were looking for the most inspirational heartfelt, yet realistic sounding intentions for Transformation while on the Superfood Cleanse. And we got so many entries, ALL of which were more than eligible! Thank you to everyone who entered! Just for making this effort for your own betterment, you are ALL winners in our book!

The entry we ended up picking not only was from a person who has very specific physical conditions that need to be addressed, communicated with humble vulnerability…

but the kicker for us is that the reason this person’s health had deteriorated so much was because they were taking care of a loved one till their death. It was this act of kindness and putting others first as the basis for their need for Transformation which put us over the edge in choosing them.

I’m proud and delighted to announce that the winner of the ‘Design Your Evolution’ contest is Diane from Louisville, KY. Thank you to everyone who entered! Here is Diane’s entry:

Dear iZO,

My New Year’s resolution was/is to do a cleanse as a part of regaining my health.

This is necessary because I am one of those people who cared for a parent with a terminal disease until the end while also working full time in a demanding public service job. Due to the resulting work stress and emotional distress, over a period of about two years I stopped taking care of myself and began eating a lot of junk food. Not only because it was cheap and easy, but I have to admit that it was also emotional eating in the worst of ways. We’re talking binging a large pizza by myself in one sitting – on a regular basis. I promise I already stopped doing that, and looking back on it now, I don’t even know how I got to the point of abusing myself that way!

But, having simply stopped the worst of behaviors is not enough to turn one’s health around. I figured this out when my body gave me a couple of great big warning signals…I mean, other than having gotten 40 lbs overweight! Specifically, last October I had a fever and unspeakable material coming out both ends (you know what I mean), uncontrollably, for three days. I finally went to a critical care facility to get a diagnosis and treatment. It was gastroenteritis. They gave me a prescription for the nausea, told me to take Imodium, and sent me on my way. I got over that and immediately got a sinus infection and a cough that lingered for about 8-10 weeks.

You can see why I’d be motivated to make some changes! No one wants to slip into illness after illness, and I am sure that my body simply got wore down from lack of care for such a long period. I did take good care of myself before my loved one was diagnosed terminal, so it’s not like I don’t know how. But, once you’ve gotten so beat down, building yourself back up is a journey that takes patience and dedication. I have already gotten my Champion juicer back on the counter and have been making a fresh juice for myself each morning for the past 23 days, but I have a long way to go to regain my full health and vitality. And, I was googling this morning because I’m ready to take the next step – cleanse.

I hope my story is one that you find inspirational, because I would love to try your cleanse. It gives me confidence to see who you’ve pulled into your advisory board, and I especially appreciate that you’ve tried a variety of cleanses yourself on your path to creating iZO.