It’s now Day 46 and I’m in the final quarter of my cleanse. I’m pleased to say that the ‘liver heat’ which was manifesting in redness in my face is largely gone now, thanks to the acupuncture you saw in my last video and two intense ‘cupping’ and acupuncture treatments with the extraordinarily gifted Brent Bertolami. What the heck is cupping? Read on to find out!

To recap, part of the reason I am doing this long cleanse followed by an extended period free of all substances is because my face was exhibiting red blotches that was apparently a manifestation of liver heat brought by prolonged regular consumption of wine, coffee, and marijuana over the years. My liver had finally said ENOUGH!

Of course, in the beginning of the cleanse, I expected the redness to continue and even be exacerbated as my liver worked double-time processing the toxins from the cleanse. But just as the redness started to go down, around 3 weeks into the cleanse, i noticed the redness start to intensify. It didn’t take me long to realize that the culprit was a smoothie drink that I had made a habit of getting each night that contained jalapeno, garlic, and onion- all heat-inducing ingredients. Doh!

Better call an acupuncturist! What better way to demonstrate for you the power of this ancient Chinese healing modality! When the redness was still there after my first acupuncture appointment, my friend Leesah strongly recommended I see licensed acupuncturist, Brent Bertolami. Not only does he do acupuncture, but he also practices the ancient art of cupping, topped off with massage to calm the body before and after the treatment.

After two intense sessions of acupuncture and cupping with Brent, and my back looking like “I got into a fight with an octopus” (as Brent said), I’m psyched to report that the redness has largely diminished. Very interestingly, in times of high stress or upsetness (which happens every now and then), the redness flares up, a validation that anger and upset emotions reside in the liver.

I highly recommend calling Brent Bertolami for your next acupuncture appt. He goes beyond the normal routine of sticking needles in you. AND the best thing is that he makes house calls! You can reach Brent at 818-400-6726 and