Ok, I’m at the 2-week mark of the cleanse, almost 25% done. Woohoo!! I’d like to take a moment to check in on where I’m at in executing my resolutions that I set on Day 5.

1) 14 days Sugar-free, liquid-only- Well, there’s the most obvious resolution which is that I have successfully completed 14 days of a sugarfree liquid-only regime with ZERO cheating with solid food or anything with sugar. I don’t really ever cheat with food on cleanses, except for sometimes on the first or second day of a cleanse when I’ll engulf a bunch of hummus to feed my psychological hunger, but there was none of that on this one.

2) 14 days Alcohol/Coffee-free- It goes without saying that if I’m on Day 14 of a cleanse, then I’m on Day 14 of not drinking wine, beer, or coffee. I have NEVER drank alcohol while on a cleanse. That’s just plain crazy in my opinion, not to mention extremely detrimental to your system.

3) 7 days pot-free, totally sober- This one is not necessarily so obvious as I have smoked through many a cleanse in the past. In the past two years though, I stopped doing that because it is ultimately out of integrity with the program. As I wrote on Day 7, I decided this time around to ease into this cleanse with a week of smoking small amounts to relieve anxiety surrounding this massive life transition. But as of last Sunday, I have been COMPLETELY sober.

4) Yoga 4 times this week- I started my Yoga practice this past week, and made it there 4 times, which is not bad. I’d like to increase that to 5 or 6 times per week. But this was a good start. Running starts the week after next once my legs are in better shape from the Yoga. Don’t want to risk pulling a muscle or an achilles heel!

5) 14 days of blog posts- This one I’m really proud of. I’ve been trying to get a consistent cadence of social media blog posts for years, but I’ve always dropped the ball within a couple of days of starting. This time I made sure that I did not go to sleep without a post. And BOY were they lengthy posts (they’re gonna be shorter going forward now that I’ve gotten all the background context for this journey out of the way). I can safely say that my writing muscle is no longer atrophied and I can bang out posts quickly now.

6) Commenced Superfood Cleanse Launch campaign- This one I’m also very proud of. Between the videos I’ve been shooting and the preparation of the product and the labels, I’ve been more productive in the last two weeks than I have been in a long time!

7) No Spiritual practice after last Sunday- This was a tough one for me that I was really trying to make happen. I can attribute my ‘failure’ partly to a function of my sleep schedule not being where I need it to be. As I said in Day 8’s blog, I have real difficulty doing my Spiritual Kung-fu after 8am because my mind is racing and it feels like the business day has started. But I’m gradually getting up earlier and I’m at about 7:30 now. I am aiming for 6am.

Not bad for the first week. I am stabilizing in this new life and it feels good!