It is the end of Day 30 and I am officially crossing the halfway mark on this cleanse. Looking back over the last month, it is amazing to me how fast it has gone, as well as how much I have accomplished, both with my health and with iZO. Here’s a progress report on my journey:

1) I have not eaten an ounce of solid food and not ingested a granule of sugar. No problem, no swear. In fact, I have not strayed from the iZO Cleanse program in the slightest….. EXCEPT…. except for that intense addiction I developed to a certain

smoothie at Cafe Gratitude called ‘I Am Energized’ which is celery, cucumber and kale juice with this super yummy Salsa Verde (garlic/onion/jalepeno) shot, a scoop of avocado, and a squirt of lemon juice!!!

This LUST affair happened out of nowhere when I was out ‘to eat’ with a couple of friends after Yoga one day. Being on a cleanse as long as I am on, one has to be flexible to bend at least a little bit and engage in the social act of eating, lest one go crazy. My solution has always been to order soup or a smoothie. But this time it was different- when the savory taste of the I Am Energized smoothie hit my mouth, I felt like I was in ecstasy.

I guess as far as addictions go, this is not a relatively bad one to have. I have two problems with it though: a) There is that craving ‘need’ that I feel when I think about this smoothie and the happiness I feel when the savory garlic avocado hits my tongue that is EXACTLY like the craving a drug addict feels in relation to their favorite vice. I wish to be rid of that psychological enslavement and external crutch to make me feel happy. b) The ‘heat’ from the jalapeno and garlic is not interacting well with my liver which as I’ve noted in previous blogs is recovering from an extended period of drinking too much red wine and smoking pot regularly, not to mention working double time processing all the toxins that I’m dumping on the cleanse.

I find it ironically perfect that the thing I crave as a habit is once again making my face red from liver heat. Sigh… So, tomorrow, I am cutting out this seemingly benign (but NOT) addiction. In case, my body was telling me to ingest more salt, I am replacing the smoothie with a much more benign iZO detox concoction of fermented chlorella, seaweed, turmeric, and miso.

2) As soon as the liver heat resides from not having jalapeno/garlic/onion juice every night(!) and with the help of the regular acupuncture I am starting on Wednesday, I will begin ingesting a regular diet of natural anti-fungals to address the candida. Being sugar-free so far, I have essentially been starving the candida of its main food source. It is significantly weakened in me and the symptoms have substantially lessened in degree, but it is nowhere near gone from my body.

3) I have done Yoga 4-5 days of the week starting in the second week of the cleanse and my body is finally not aching like it had been. Now that my legs are stretched out enough to resist injury, I will be starting to run 3-4 times a week today. I’ve probably lost something something like 15-20 pounds by now, but I consciously decided not to obsess on the daily weigh-in this time around, so I don’t actually know the exact numbers. Suffice it to say, I’m feeling pretty euphoric from a physical standpoint.

4) I have been ‘touch and go’ on the meditation/Spiritual practice. But ‘touch and go’ is better than nothing at all, and I am proud that I am making inroads on establishing a foundation in this area. Part of the issue is that I haven’t been getting to sleep early enough because I find myself up late writing all these blogs! lol I am working on slowly adjusting my bedtime to be more like 10 and at the latest 11, rather than ‘more like 11 and at the latest Midnight’. Getting up at 6 or 7am is the trick for me in maintaining a regular morning meditation practice.

5) I certainly have had my share of overwhelming tough days as I launch this new phase of my life, and there have been days when I REALLY wanted to quit and crawl back into the womb. I am perhaps most proud of the fact that I have braved it out without reaching for pot which has been my go-to anti-anxiety medication over the years. Instead I have called a good friend, read a book of wisdom such as Krishnamurti, or even better ‘wrote it out’ in my journal.

6) Without going into too many details, I am proud of how laser-focused I have been in my work. There has been some unpleasant cringe-worthy fallout from my ‘past life’ which I have been diligently and rather fearlessly cleaning up, doing my best to not let it get me down. And I seriously can’t believe how much I’ve written this month. The videos are getting better in quality. Wait till you see the Endermologie video…oh man…:-)

To think that 6 weeks ago, I had no idea I was going to be moving back to LA is still mind-boggling to me. When I take a step back to look at my situation from afar, I am quite impressed with how things are falling together. Sometimes it’s hard to realize this in the tough moments, at which points I try to remember and reflect on the word ‘resilience’.

Thank you to all of you that have supported me, even by just ‘liking’ my posts. It really means the world to me. Thank you!