I want to share with you a powerful daily protocol I introduced on Day 30 of my cleanse. It’s the Heavy Metal Hardcore add-on of the iZO Cleanse, designed to cleanse the body of the heavy metal toxins through the process of chelation, a process where certain non-toxic molecules bind to heavy metal ions that have found their way into the body, and essentially escort the heavy metals out through the elimination.

The most common forms of heavy metal detoxicity result from mercury, lead, and arsenic.

There can be severe heavy metal toxicity from exposure to certain gases, nuclear waste, and poisonous pollution, and in those cases one should really undergo formal chelation therapy under a doctor’s supervision. There are many medical conditions that alleged to be related to heavy metal toxicity such as autism, alzheimer’s, and fibromyalgia.

However in most people such as myself, we’ve been exposed on many fronts to low/moderate levels of heavy metals. Probably the biggest source of heavy metal toxicity is through mercury fillings in tooth cavities. Another ubiquitous source is from air pollution, particularly in cities affected by smog and heavy traffic where there is heavy amounts of arsenic and lead in the air (regardless of whether you believe in chemtrails or not). And I’m sorry to report the most bummer of a source for pescatarians is fish, and especially shellfish which are bottom-feeders in our polluted oceans. Sushi lovers tend to have relatively higher amounts of heavy metals in their blood work. I should also mention our confounded water-supply with all the flouride crap municipalities put in it that is supposedly healthy for us. But that’s the subject of another blog…

The iZO Cleanse protocol for dealing with heavy metal toxicity consists of two drinks that we add on to our regular cleanse. The first is what we call Detoxo, a fermented kelp and chlorella concoction that is mixed with miso, apple cider vinegar, and turmeric- all incredibly powerful detoxifying ingredients. It’s actually super-tasty, in a savory Miso-salty way. I absolutely LOVE it and it took the place of that smoothie I had become addicted to from Cafe Gratitude because it satisfies my salt cravings.

Based on the Russian research into chelation following the Chernobyl disaster, it was determined that kelp can chelate metals and radiation from the body and support the thyroid. However, kelp is normally rather difficult for the body to digest due to its heavy outer fibers. The trick the Russians came up with was to ferment the kelp which breaks down the cellular membranes of the fiber making it easier for the body to digest.

The second drink in the iZO heavy metal protocol is what we call the Sponge. It’s not the most appetizing of drinks, certainly not helped by the fact that it takes the form of black powder that is mixed with water which immediately starts to turn semi-solid upon contact with the water. It consists of Volcanic bentonite clay, activated charcoal, zeolites and other powerful chelating ingredients that literally form a sponge upon contact with water and soak up the heaviest of toxic elements in the body.

Relatively tasteless, one needs to pretty much pound the Sponge immediately upon mixing with water, and follow it up with two glasses of water because it is VERY dehydrating. In fact, one should not ingest any nutrients that one wants to enjoy the benefits of within an hour before or after drinking the sponge because it literally sucks up EVERYTHING in its path, good and bad. The first few times I ever drank the Sponge in 2007, my lower face went completely numb, and I realized it was pulling a lifetime of mercury fillings out of my jaw. Crazy!

One doesn’t necessarily have to be on a cleanse to enjoy these two drinks, but their potency is amplified tremendously if one is in the midst of a liquid-only cleanse. i highly recommend checking them out!