I want to share with you just a few of the many inspirational intentions iZO fans have been sharing with us as their entries in the ‘Evolution Design Contest’. All of them have been great, and many of them emotionally moving. This is going to be a tough decision to make, I must say.

“2013 was the worst year of my life. I lost my mother to lung cancer, my husband left, and my life as I knew it got dumped out on the floor in front of my very eyes. With everything going on, I lost track of my own health, doubled my caffeine and sugar intake, and just felt like I was being drug through the mud.

As the year came to an end, I decided I was not looking back. I would focus on the good. I have three beautiful daughters (16, 14, and 10) who are all active but for whom I have not been a good role model in terms of eating and taking care of myself. I am not obese, but I am not at my ideal weight/fitness. I am trying to get better at making fitness a regular part of my life and trying to eat better and feed them better foods. However, in the crazy rush of life, I have felt like I needed a “reset.” I have been following your program and considering the cleanse for some time. I just did not have the money to really do it.

Thank you for your program and product! I am looking forward to the opportunity to join the IZO cleanse believers!”

Janet from Little Rock, AR

“I am writing in hopes that you will offer this prize to my husband. He had a heart attack and required a surgery and a week stay in Open Heart Recovery ICU recently. We have since then transitioned into a strict vegan diet but I feel it would be great for him to do a cleanse to help. If any one person deserves it well that would be my husband. We were very active prior to the heart attack and ran half marathons together. Now I am running them alone. I have hopes to soon have my running partner back so please consider him.

Thank You,”
Scherie from Winfield, WV

“After struggling with my weight for most of my life, 4 years ago I decided to try a high protein diet and lost 35lbs in 6 weeks. I have kept the wieght off and still start my day with a 42 gram protein shot every morning. However, I want to incorporate more nutients into my diet. I still have sugar cravings every day and would like to try your 7 day detox to see if I can finally cut my sugar cravings once and for all.”

Jeff from Indianapolis, IN

“I am no longer willing to hold on to old traumas, emotions and out dated modes of thinking and being. My friend raves about your product and I would love to partake. I am 51 years young and want to become even more youthful. I believe cleaning out the gut is one of the best ways to clean out your heart ,mind, body and soul. I have two quotes one from a friend, “Change your body, change your life” and from my acupuncturist ,” Body all connected just take a look” I would be grateful to be one of the lucky winners so I may begin this journey the IZO way. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.”

Trudi from Los Angeles

If you want to win a FREE 7-day iZO Superfood Cleanse, make sure you send us your most heartfelt, inspirational intention for how you will use the iZO Cleanse to help transform your life, by Midnight Thursday Jan 30. We are waiting for you! And remember, just by entering this contest you are assisting in your evolution by stating your intention so clearly and publicly! You can’t lose this one! :-)