*We know you will love iZO Cleanse as much as we do. We put so much time and effort into developing the best and most trusted juice cleanse on the market. But don’t take our word for it, just read the testimonials below from our dedicated customers!

Dr. Edison De Mello, MD
*As an Integrative Physician, I strongly believe that the GI tract – the second largest organ in our body – needs to be carefully and safely cleansed for the same reasons that we clean our skin, mouth, and hair: It helps fight disease and makes it work and feel better. I went through Tim’s iZO Cleanse because it was easy, safe, research-based – and, most importantly, made with Love.
Dr. Edison De Mello, MD, The Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine, Santa Monica, CA
Melissa Rivers
*I felt absolutely fantastic on the iZO Cleanse and am recommending it to all my friends. In just 3 days, I lost a few pounds and had amazing energy, enough to get me through my hectic awards season schedule. I am officially red-carpet ready! IZO has a new convert! I can’t wait to do a 7-day cleanse next.
Melissa Rivers, Television Personality
Daisy Fuentes
*The iZO Cleanse flooded me with the nutrients my body was craving and I was surprisingly not hungry at all. The delivery was trustworthy and reliable, there by 7am every morning. What a great service!
Daisy Fuentes, Actress
Brenda Ferrell
*In April 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My treatment lasted through December 2009. I wanted to renew my energy after radiation and rid my body of any leftover toxins from multiple surgeries, so that I could start fresh and bring 2010 in super clean. After much research I chose iZO Cleanse. I am very happy I gave myself this gift. With iZO Cleanse I instantly eliminated the sluggishness and bad food cravings I had developed during months of treatment! The nutritional quality of the iZO Cleanse left me feeling completely nourished. Without question I know it was absolutely the smartest thing I could do for my body after going through cancer treatment. I originally signed up for the iZO Juice Feast Cleanse Plus for 5 Days. I FELT SO GOOD that I continued for 10 DAYS! The delivery system made it incredibly convenient and the support was top notch. As a busy producer and location manager, I am often on set and was initially concerned that it would be difficult to do the cleanse while shooting. Au contraire! Being on the cleanse while on location made it EASIER for me. Not only was I staying hydrated (easy to forget when shooting) I stayed nourished and could “eat” whenever I wanted instead of being at the mercy of the caterer. Especially now, being able to properly take care of myself on set is essential. And… I was full of superhuman energy! Who wants to give up such a good healthy feeling? Not me… so I made sure to order the iZO Cleanse Products ala cart so that I could have a bit of this goodness in my life daily. I feel that with iZO Cleanse I am giving my body added protection against any possible recurrence of Breast Cancer as well as other disease. I feel so good and centered that I plan to bring in each New Year with iZO Cleanse and make it a continuing part of my life.
Brenda Ferrell, Producer, Location Manager & Breast Cancer Survivor
Emily Deschanel
*I did the iZO Cleanse originally for five days. I had never done anything like it, and I didn’t think I could do it. I have never felt better in my life! I had a cold when I started and it went away almost immediately. I never felt hungry. I liked it so much, I had decided to do the iZO Cleanse once a week. Doing a juice cleanse is something everyone should do once in a while, especially in our hectic schedules. The iZO Cleanse makes it so easy!
Emily Deschanel, Actress
Erin Wasson
*I’ve done other cleanses before and not only did the iZO Cleanse taste great but everyday I was excited to feel better and better. I loved drinking the red juice everyday. I would actually continue to drink it for the rest of my life if I could. I was never hungry because Tim does such a good job balancing the liquids throughout the program. The service was amazing. Such a great way to start the day knowing that the iZO Cleanse would be waiting on my doorstep when I woke up.
Erin Wasson, Supermodel & Stylist
Tony Shaloub
*I was in the middle of a 14 day iZO Cleanse and it worked so well that I had to end it early because I was losing too much weight for my character on Monk. He’s not supposed to look and feel THAT healthy! An added bonus was that the juices and teas were delicious and the delivery service was like clockwork.
Tony Shaloub, Actor - Monk
Patricia Heaton
*I recently did a 10 day iZO Cleanse and felt so amazing that I went back on a 5 day iZO Cleanse the next week. My energy levels were so high and never once was I hungry or craving coffee. And I lost those last extra pounds that are so elusive. What’s been really great is that the weight has stayed off even weeks after, and it got me through the taping of a pilot. However, the most important benefit of the iZO Cleanse is that it makes me crave healthy foods. Transformation delivered indeed!
Patricia Heaton, Actor - Back To You & Everybody Loves Raymond
Allison Janney
*I was a little nervous and skeptical about doing the iZO Cleanse because I’ve done other cleanses before and found them too difficult. I was so relieved when I got my first cooler filled with juices and teas and supplements. It’s so well laid out for you and there’s something to drink almost every hour so you never get bored! It was still a challenge, but one I would gladly do again and again! I feel so clean and virtuous!
Allison Janney, Actress - The West Wing
Eva LaRue
*The iZO Cleanse was an amazing experience for me. In just 3 days, my face was crystal clear and dewy, and my energy was never compromised, even during a hectic TV production schedule. Not to mention that I was never hungry- and that’s saying a lot for a food fanatic!!! I’ll definitely be doing the iZO Cleanse again! Thanks again for everything!
Eva LaRue, Actress - CSI: Miami
Sanaa Lathan
*After 3 days on Tim’s iZO Juice Feast, not only was I five pounds thinner, my skin was radiant and glowing. It’s a great way to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle.
Sanaa Lathan, Actress - Nip/Tuck, Raisin in the Sun
Sheryl Lee
*I did 10 days of the IZO cleanse over the holiday season and it was one of the best Christmas presents that I could have gotten. I took it as an opportunity to go inside and to let go of some things that were no longer working in my life and to open myself up to more health and more space for the good stuff. I feel so much better all around and even though I was a fairly healthy eater before, I am now craving even healthier foods and mostly raw. the juices on the cleanse were amazing and I truly miss them. And even though there were moments that were challenging, Tim was always supportive and available to answer any questions. It was a perfect way to end 2007. I will definitely do it again.
Sheryl Lee, Actress - Dirty Sexy Money, Twin Peaks
Nia Long
*The iZO Cleanse is amazing! My skin is glowing! My energy level is at its max and I feel great on the inside and out! The iZO Cleanse kick-started a new way of life for me.
Nia Long, Actress - Big Shots, Third Watch, Boyz in the Hood, Fresh Prince of Bel
Dawn Heusser-Forrester
*The iZO Cleanse for 14 days was the best gift I’ve ever given myself. I was able to keep my normal schedule of working out, taking the little one to school, teaching, run errands, etc…I was never tired, in fact around day 10 I was amazed at how much energy I had. I lost 10 pounds and ended up with dewey, soft skin, clear eyes, strong nails and a renewed sense of clarity and focus. Having iZO delivered to my doorstep and having a very straightforward schedule made it so easy, I would have never done this on my own. Tim, thank you and I will definitely be treating myself to another iZO Cleanse.
Dawn Heusser-Forrester, Crossfit Instructor, Director of The Next Right Thing (www.next-right-thing.org), Emmy Award winning sports reporter, and Mom
Amy Cyrex Sins
*I loved the iZO Superfood Cleanse and now my body is craving the green juice! I lost 7 pounds and have lost another 3 over the last few weeks with my new nutrition plan. The iZO Cleanse jump started my will power and new life changing exercise and health routine. Thanks for a great product.
Amy Cyrex Sins, Author
Cathy Konrad
*Part of why I like the iZO Cleanse so much is that there is a schedule for getting nourishment that keeps up my energy all day. As a movie producer, all I do is schedule and plan for everyone else, and neglect to service myself. The iZO Cleanse has taken the burden of that off of me and given me a routine that is healthy for me. Thank you for your service.
Cathy Konrad, Producer - 3:10 to Yuma, Walk the Line
Nancy Sexton
*I recently did the IZO Cleanse for three days and I have to say that after the end of the three days I felt better than I had in years. My nails were strong, my hair shiny and I had a lot more energy. I lost a couple of pounds and the most important thing for me was that, even after just three days it set me up to start eating healthier right away. If you’re looking for results, try iZO.
Nancy Sexton, Professional Fitness Trainer and Star of FitTV
*The iZO Superfood Cleanse was fantastic. From day one I was surprised at how satisfied I felt. I am a super busy person and I was worried about not having enough fuel in my system to make it though the day but I had nothing to worry about. My energy levels were up and I felt great. I will definitely use this cleanse again.
Jae Hansen
Geraldine Gilliland
*I am a chef, cooking teacher and restaurateur and I first met Timothy Martin at Lula on Cinco De Mayo. There was something that impressed me right away about Tim and with what he was doing. I filed it away in the back of my head, never thinking that one day I would be doing his juice feast. Fast forward to a few months later and I asked Tim if he would be a sponsor of our 10th Annual Wildlife Fundraiser to take place in Malibu. Without hesitation he accepted and not only did he show up at the event with his staff and juice, but he generously donated a juice feast to the silent auction. When Tim offered me a complimentary cleanse I accepted without actually knowing what I was getting into. I had not had a chance to taste the juice the day of the event, ( I was busy eating chocolates and drinking wine) but that didn’t stop Tim. I am a chef. I am a foodie. I have a different palate and it was a very difficult transition for me. I was really nervous the night before and I woke up early at 5am and low and behold, the juice fairy had left a little blue pack at my front gate. You also have to realize that I live in the distant mountains of Malibu. This is not an easy place to find in the dark. It was still dark. I managed the first day but by the end of the day I was ready to quit. I emailed Tim at once. I didn’t think I could do it. I felt like a real loser. Not even one day. Tim called me immediately and reassured me that It was working and I would be fine. We talked and decided that I would not do the teas ( am I the only Irish person who is allergic to tea?) So Tim customized the feast for me and the next day a whole new combination arrived at my door. Day two was a lot less difficult than day one, except that I had to entertain clients at Lula to a business lunch and it was really hard to sit there and not eat while watching them wolf down Lobster Enchiladas and Fajitas. All the while lots of questions and emails were answered promptly and full of encouragement and kindness. But the crazy thing is I was not hungry at all which was my biggest fear.
Day 3 That’s today and I am fine. The great thing about Izo cleanse apart from the results, are the service.
I just got my blood work done Friday (after 3 days on the cleanse) and my cholesterol is lower than it has ever been in the last 10 years since I started testing.
Geraldine Gilliland, Owner - LuLa Cocina, Rancho Chiquita, and Finn McCools, Santa Monica, CA
*I just wanted to let you know it’s been 5 weeks since I finished the 7 Day Superfood Cleanse. I can’t believe what a transformative experience it was. My cravings for “junk” are still gone. I feel great and I am eating WAY better than I ever have before in my life. I not only kept off the 10 pounds I lost on the cleanse, but I have lost another 10 pounds. I want to thank you very much for having the Superfood Cleanse as an option. I would love to try the juice feast someday because it sounds SO delicious, but the Superfood Cleanse fit my budget and was desirable because I wasn’t sure about spending so much on something that I wasn’t sure I could handle. I can’t tell you how impressed my friends were that I made it through the 7 days and how proud of myself I was, too.
JB, North Hollywood, CA
*I just finished the 3-day concentrated version of the IZO Cleanse and was pretty impressed! Here is some feedback:
Great points:
1) I was never hungry, amazingly. My stomach was never growling and I never went to bed hungry, although I was feeling quite weak on day two and three.
2) I did not feel bloated, and felt quite ‘regular’ throughout. This was nice, as I was expecting to feel bloated.
3) I felt really renewed afterward, and although I don’t anticipate cleansing more than occasionally, it has definitely opened my eyes to making a bit better food choices while eating.
4) I lost 4 pounds! (over 3 days) – wow!
Melanie Bian, Portland, OR
*After seven days on the cleanse my mind is clear, my skin is glowing and my energy is through the roof. I have broken some unhealthy patterns and I feel a sense of peace and a new commitment to healthy eating and healthy living.
Sarah Bleakley, Production Designer
*The cleanse has gone very well. I’ve been surprised that I haven’t been hungry- just occasionally missed the “chew” factor. But the juices have for the most part been delicious and kept me full. I’m not sure I could do more than 3 days- but the 3 days has been much easier than I thought. Tomorrow is back to the “real world’ but I’m make a vegetable soup tonight for tomorrow and will eat lightly the next few days to not undue all this good work! I’ll definitely do this again. Cheers!
Stephanie Baron, Curator
*The iZO Cleanse is the real deal. A couple days after surgery I went on the cleanse, and now feel healthier, happier and pain free. The best part of the cleanse is the amazing customer service. Tim and his team are so accommodating and take all the guesswork out of cleansing. The program is a must for anyone serious about making a transformation!
Michael Krepak, Student
*The iZO Cleanse truly transformed the way I eat. Since the cleanse I’ve gone raw. What a FUN way to eat! Actually before, I always got sick from eating raw foods, and that’s because my body went into a detox reaction mode because I was so toxic. But after the iZO Cleanse I was able to slip into a raw regimen pretty easy. Since the cleanse, I have been more aware of how my body feels after I eat. I wake up every day, and my tummy is happy. My doctor says it’s important to take time inward every day and love our intestines. So I’m giving myself lots of love and feeling like I deserve it.
Mara Corti, Writer/Entertainer
*Besides losing 13 pounds in 2 weeks, my face looks about 5-10 years younger, my skin is softer and I lost enough crap out of my body to cut my breath and body odor by about 80% (almost no armpit smell even after working out). I’m much more clear, calm and focused mentally. I have a renewed commitment to my health and I have been working out fairly regularly. In general, I feel better than I’ve felt in a very long time. Last but not least, I have gained respect and admiration from friends, family and colleagues that couldn’t imagine giving up eating for 2 weeks and I’m proud of myself for what I have accomplished.
Michael Allen Howard, Executive Search Recruiter
*The iZO Cleanse was truly life-changing. I have continued to pursue eating raw, more fruits and vegetables, seeking out raw vegan restaurants, and we are getting a juicer. I also recently quit smoking as well, a process that began internally when I began the cleanse.
John Ennis, Writer/Director/Producer
*The iZO Cleanse was hands down the best and easiest cleanse I have ever done. I LOVE the way the juice tastes. I was energized the whole 5 days and I wasn’t hungry at all! My skin cleared up, I lost 5 pounds that stayed off even after the holidays, my bowel movements became regular and frequent, and I just feel terrific!
Malia Hilliard, Private Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist
*The convenience of The iZO Cleanse was unparalleled – delivered right to my door. The iZO jUiCE tasted amazing and after a few days on the iZO Cleanse I felt like a new man. I entered 2007 with a serious boost of energy and health!
Malcolm CasSelle, CEO - Original Quinton
*Thank you so very much for this iZO Cleanse experience! Embarking the first day gave a resounding sense of possibilities, optimism, and freedom! The nutrients satisfy, satiate, and elevate. Indulgence is the feeling, not deprivation. The cooler on the doorstep each morning is like Christmas every day! I felt like I was at the Golden Door. Also I felt this secret that I want to share with everyone!
Pamela Dickerson, Actress/Writer/Producer
*I thoroughly enjoyed the iZO Cleanse. The 3 day cleanse was perfect for me, and I felt renewed when it was over. I’ve done it twice now, and I look forward to doing it again!
Christien Tuttle, Associate Producer
*Thanks for all your help throughout these 19 days. The iZO Cleanse has been a challenge and very rewarding at the same time. I feel good, my energy is great, my sleep is deep and restful and my complexion is clear. I feel sharp and efficient at work and relaxed in general. I will definitely be doing another iZO Cleanse in the future.
Kate Fisher, Reality TV Producer
*The iZO Cleanse is one of my favorite discoveries. I thought in order to cleanse, I had to take at least a week off work and spend tons of money and time at a spa or retreat. The way Tim has organized the delivery and pick-up process…it’s seamless, which means i can cleanse and maintain my health on a regular basis from the comfort of my home, which is also where i work. It’s brilliant. I’m a devoted fan and user.
Lilly Bright, Film Producer and Director - The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things
*I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent three surgeries. I was declared cancer free but doctors still wanted me to do tamoxofin and chemotherapy. I refused. Thus began my research for assisting my body in its healing process with other alternatives. Products that came up repeatedly were sea salts, alkaline drinks, organic vegetable juices, green food supplements and the importance of keeping the intestines moving.
By my third surgery I was extremely bloated from all the anesthesia in my body. I came across the IZO Cleanse and I was shocked. The exact products and beliefs I had been reading about which related to enhancing one’s immune system and thus avoiding disease were in the IZO Cleanse! I was impressed with Tim Martin’s thorough investigation on how to cleanse the body in a well rounded and efficient manner.
I did the IZO Cleanse for three days and my bloating disappeared. Friends and family noticed immediately. Now I do the IZO Cleanse every three months for maintenance and sometimes in between because it feels great. I’m not hungry on the IZO Cleanse, my body is energized and my mind is at ease. No stress, another component to excellent health.
Monique Rose, Los Angeles
Dr. Rob Streisfeld
*Today’s conscious consumer is on the lookout for easy, but effective ways to optimize their health and wellbeing. As a natural health and lifestyle consultant, I am constantly on the lookout for innovative new products/ companies that are of highest quality, and which work well within a variety of lifestyles. While embracing the importance of individualized lifestyle, the iZO Cleanse offers ultra premium products in a convenient form, offering great health benefits regardless of the person’s age, occupation, or daily schedule.
Dr. Rob Streisfeld, Director of Personal Health Design, Inc.
Hilary Garland
*I have done previous cleanses and have always felt low energy and well, anemic…. Then, Tim Martin and the iZO Cleanse came on the scene and what a difference the cleanse has made. While on the cleanse, I never felt hungry and I noticed what an emotional eater I was and was able to start changing my relationship to and meaning around food. I had great energy and I noticed that I was more focused and organized mentally. I did not go on the cleanse to lose weight, however, once off the cleanse, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to enjoy food and not gain weight. Thank you Tim for bringing such a wonderful program to a person who never could quite get it right on her own- you have a loyal customer!
Cheers, Tim, and thanks for the great service!
Hilary Garland, Clinical Psychologist
Brian Johnson
*What can I say? The iZO Cleanse has changed my life. The level of mental and energetic clarity I feel is simply incredible! And the team at iZO has been a joy to work with. I highly recommend it!
Brian Johnson, Founder, Zaadz.com (now Gaia.com)
Jordan M. Albert
*The first day was a little scary – a full day of not eating solid food. But once you push through it, you realize that fear is all in your head! The iZO Cleanse team makes the process so easy by preparing the juices and delivering them to you every morning – leaving you no excuse but to continue with it until the end of your chosen cycle! After a few days you’ll feel healthier, look healthier, and start to learn how to stay healthier once your Cleanse is completed! You’ll want to make a habit of doing an iZO Cleanse at least a few times a year!
Jordan M. Albert, Independent Film & Video Director/Producer/Editor
Savannah Boucher
*I started this juice fast with great trepidation because I’ve never been able to stick to one before. The first day I couldn’t believe I wasn’t hungry. That gave me hope and I took it one day at a time. One morning of the second week, I woke up and all of my respiratory problems were cleared up, and my cough was gone. I simply savored the experience of the iZO Cleanse each day and after 28 days my body told me it was cleansed.
I just had my blood work done and my cholesterol went from 232 to 180. Dr. Ullis was stunned. All of the numbers on my chemistry panel became normal! I will do the iZO Cleanse every chance I get.
Savannah Boucher, Actress & Producer
Laura Harris
*I found the iZO Cleanse to be a very gentle way to remind my body that organic vegetables, herbs, seaweeds are wonderful fuels. I have never been able to function well without animal proteins and was astounded at the energy I had (and continue to have without half the animal protein I used to consume before the cleanse). The iZO Cleanse also cured my morning coffee habit. It is a very well thought out, nourishing program.
Laura Harris, Actress
Elizabeth TenHouten
*I absolutely love the iZO Juice Feast of healthy, fresh-squeezed fruits and vegetables. I will most certainly do the iZO Juice Feast again in the future, but for longer than 3 days. The detox was so invigorating. Thank you for a truly wonderful product.
Elizabeth TenHouten, Author of the book- Cooking for Beauty
Luchi Estevez
*I love the iZO Cleanse…it gives me discipline and a sense of lightness.
Luchi Estevez, President, Chi Flow
Robert Craymer
*I did a 12 day iZO Cleanse and I lost almost 20 pounds! Before I did the iZO Cleanse I was an overtired, overworked insomniac addicted to coffee and sugar. The iZO Cleanse filled me with energy and rejuvenated my health so that everyone that saw me was amazed by my transformation. Thank you iZO!
Robert Craymer , Owner, RC Green
Judy Julin
*I just did a 16 day iZO Cleanse and I am blown away by the results. I feel clear, balanced and renewed. I didn’t have to think about my daily intake of nutrients. It’s all been figured out. Delicious juices, state-of-the-art tonics and sweet herbal teas- the iZO Cleanse is Divine!
Judy Julin, CEO, Cosmikids
Talya Meldy
*After only three days on a full blown iZO Juice Cleanse, I started cleaning out my closets! Being super-busy, I been continuously bringing new things into my small apartment, and not ever getting to taking things out. Inspired by the cleanse, I gave away unused clothes, furniture, fixtures, even an extra TV. Bags of cluttered paperwork got thrown out (recycled). I know it was Tim’s juice that did it. I’ve heard of this kind of effect happening to others, but this time it happened to me. Thank you Tim. The iZO Cleanse is the best cleanse on the planet!
Talya Meldy, Colon Hydrotherapist
Holly Mosher
*Thanks for the iZO Cleanse. I was really surprised that it didn’t leave you hungry or with food cravings and that I really enjoyed each juice. I have to admit when I first looked at the bottles I was leery! It really changed the way I look at food intake even a couple of months later. Friends keep commenting on how great I’m looking these days.
Holly Mosher, Producer/Director
Stardust Magick
*I just got off my first iZO 3 day cleanse and honestly I’ve never experienced anything like it. I went into it with complete integrity of doing it as it’s supposed to be done according to the instructions I received with my delivery. I started, early, Oct 21st 2007. had lots of energy all day. Worked on the land I live on in Topanga. Then I got news of wildfires in Malibu heading for Topanga and I got evacuated. It was super exhilarating while on the cleanse. Surreal. Then I was driving down PCH evacuating , I was thinking how I was going to have to break the cleanse and have a meal. It was too much going on and I was driving to civilization where all the yummy restaurants are..mmm thai food. Tim called just in time and got me back on track even through my situation. I then decided to treat the rest of my time as a heightened spiritual adventure. Cleaning my vessel.
Stardust Magick, Hair Stylist, Model, Actress, Fire Dancer
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