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  • iZO Cleanse on MindBodyGreen

iZO Cleanse on MindBodyGreen

This is a piece I wrote for MindBodyGreen a month ago.  *It’s been more than 7 weeks since I quit drinking and it’s been truly life-changing already!   If you’re thinking of making this […]

  • Being Real

Being Real

*It’s been a full 2 weeks since I quit drinking and it’s been great! Not an inkling of pang for wine, and I’ve been getting into a good groove with life: rising at […]

  • My Alcohol Detox Healing Crisis!

My Alcohol Detox Healing Crisis!

*Well, so much for my grand plans of blogging each day about my experience of giving up alcohol. I was all set to bang out a second blog yesterday (Wednesday) focused on my […]

  • Winning the Drinking Game

Winning the Drinking Game

*I just won the drinking game.  How do you win the drinking game?  You stop drinking, period.  Yes, stop the presses: I have quit drinking for life!

While there has been of course some damage […]