*Cleansing with iZO is as easy as it gets! All of our cleanses come with full customer support, many years of expert research and experience, and are designed for maximum ease of use. If you are a busy professional on the go, a parent with a den of kids on your hands, or a student immersed deep in complex research, the iZO Cleanse is the easiest, most efficient method of cleansing with minimal distraction and prep-time needed. You don’t have to think or prepare anything: Just drink when we tell you to drink, and your body will do the rest.

The iZO Juice Feast consists of a portable cooler of freshly made juices, teas, almond milk, and superfoods dropped off or shipped to your doorstep every morning. All you have to do is follow the schedule and cleanse for as many days as you want.

You will have a schedule emailed and shipped to you and customer service line access with a real person 7 days a week. We do recommend that you consider prepping for your iZO Cleanse the week before by switching over to lighter meals with less meat products and less toxic content (like coffee/alcohol/drugs and highly processed foods). Additionally, it’s mission critical that you have an exit plan for your cleanse to insure that you don’t go back to unhealthy eating habits. Do NOT break your cleanse with a gut-busting feast!