Well, it’s Day 60 of my 60-day cleanse and what a journey it has been!  This cleanse was truly a bridge between lives for me.  I will expound on the major milestones that marked my journey in tomorrow’s blog.  But for now, I would like to update you on the two major health issues that this cleanse was addressing for me.

Candida!  As I mentioned early on in my blog, towards the end of my ‘death cycle’ of 2011-2013, my body became ravaged by an overpopulation of candida yeast in my gut.  This was a result of excessive wine and beer drinking, as well as lots of emotional binge-eating of carb-heavy food such as pizza and pasta. These (along with pot) were my forms of anti-anxiety/anti-depressant meds that most certainly helped to get me through some very dark times.

But the side-effect of these crutches was that they overfed the healthy candida yeast inside me so that it multiplied to the point that it was literally overflowing through my skin, manifesting as super-itchy rashes akin to poison ivy on my calves, biceps, and upper and lower back.  It was so bad that I was having serious problems getting to sleep.  After getting blood work done that came back totally normal, I realized that the rash was actually Candida when I had a particularly raging flare-up occur simultaneously with ingesting brewer’s yeast in my homemade pesto.   I was feeding yeast yeast, and it went apeshit with delight!

After a great deal of research into natural anti-fungals and the ideal timing of their release, it became clear that the best strategy to dealing with Candida is to wage a two-prong ‘attack’.  The first phase is starving out the Candida by not feeding it ANY sugar or carbs that convert into sugar.  Thus the cleanse that I’ve been on this time has been completely sugar-free (except for the sugar that is in the skin of cucumbers which is soooo negligably minimal.)

The second phase of the yeast population management strategy is to ‘prune’ the weakened starving candida with natural anti-fungals.  I had planned on executing phase 2 at the two week mark, but i held off till the 40-day mark because I needed to be sensitive to my other health issue that this cleanse has been addressing:  liver heat.

As I said in an early post of this blog, I have been experiencing liver heat in the form of blotchy redness coming out in the skin of my face and scalp.  Again, it was a result of self-medicating through regular consumption of wine, beer, and pot, as well as a new vice for me the last couple of years:  coffee.  I’ve never been a coffee drinker, but I took it on as a regular daily ritual in the afternoon the last few years to ward off the otherwise necessary nap.

When I started the cleanse, my face was not looking too healthy.  Then of course as the cleanse started kicking up toxins, the redness became exacerbated as my liver worked overtime to process all the crap that was going through it.  But then things started to calm down and the redness was almost gone, until suddenly around week 3, the redness started flaring up unexpectedly.  I was sooo bummed and at a loss for what was going on until I realized that a relatively healthy sugarfree smoothie that I was augmenting my cleanse with happened to be loaded with jalapeno, garlic and onion, all heat-inducing ingredients that were aggravating my already aggravated liver. Sigh.

Once I cut out the spice from the smoothie, the redness went down drastically.  But by then it was already day 40 and my plans of bringing in the anti-fungals had to happen then if I was going to take full advantage of the detoxifying power of the juice cleanse in tandem with the anti-fungals.  So on Day 40, after not really having given my liver too much of a rest, I started taking the anti-fungals which immediately started cleansing out the excessive yeast, as evidenced by the rashes almost having totally disappeared now and the itching gone away completely.

Nevertheless, my liver was not very happy about this.  I had started with the iZO Parasite Purge product which contains wormwood, cloves, and black walnut.  A week into that I decided to up the ante by adding a rotating regime of 3 anti-fungals each day.  I alternated between goldenseal, olive leaf, oil of oregano, grapeseed extract, pau d’arco, and colloidal silver.  But this definitely did not sit well with the ol’ liver, as evidenced by the redness intensifying.  I quickly backed off the rotating anti-fungals and just keep it to the Parasite Purge product.  Since pulling back on the anti-fungals, the redness has largely gone down and is diminishing quickly.

It has been a real trip to watch how adding certain things and subtracting others has affected my body which is SO sensitive to everything because of the cleanse.  Once I start eating again on Thursday, I expect the redness to go completely away relatively quickly after that because my Liver will no longer be working so hard detoxing.  And as I’ve professed, I won’t be drinking or ingesting anything toxic for many months to come.

So that’s where I’m at.  Mission kind of accomplished, although it was a little rough at points largely due to the unexpected effect of that smoothie with jalapeno, garlic, and onion.  But all in all, I will emerge from the cleanse relatively candida-free which I am going to solidify by continuing to be sugar-free for the rest of the year.  And I will be ensuring that my liver gets a full-on proper rest by being free of all alcohol, pot, and coffee as well for 2014.  :-)