On Day 8, Tricia started experiencing intense skin breakouts in her face. Given that she’s never had acne before, even during high school, this is clearly a sign that it’s a detox response. It may not be pretty, but as we say here at iZO, “Better out than in!”

It is VERY natural for one to detox through the skin. For me (Tim), usually around Day 8, I start to develop a seriously huge zit, sometimes growing to the size of a golf ball.

These are clearly NOT normal zits. I call them cleanzits! They are usually rather painful, and are not easily pop-able. While you can put on a clay mask to draw them out, these cleanzits require patience in letting them go through their life cycle without being squeezed. When they finally do pop, it’s one of the most cathartic experiences ever.

We’re really happy to see this is happening with Tricia because it means that the cleanse is really working!