by Lawrence Michail

A healing crisis occurs after every treatment for illness you might have. Western pharmaceuticals tend to suppress many of the symptoms of a ‘healing crisis’, but alternative therapies depend on them.

As your body realigns itself and begins to eliminate the toxins that have built up, you experience some period of discomfort, or at least a period of feeling ‘different’ somehow. A healing crisis may have only slight symptoms or they may be quite severe. Symptoms may be: sleepiness or fatigue, thirst, nausea, cramps, diarrhea, headache, shooting pains, muzziness around the head, build up of mucous, disorientation, dizziness, coughing, etc.

In chronic conditions you may experience a temporary worsening of all symptoms and wonder if the treatment was successful.

It is usually recommended, following a treatment of any kind, that you rest and drink plenty of water to help flush out the body. If you feel sleepy or thirsty, this is your body telling you what it needs. It is usually a good idea to go with it.

With more severe symptoms, you body is again telling you to find a comfortable place and position and let it do its job. In all cases a Healing Crisis is a good sign. It means your body is clearing out toxins and on its way to feeling better.

In most cases, the discomfort will pass in a day or two, or at most a week, depending on how deeply the cleansing goes. But be assured, that once it is passed, you will feel very much better.

We may be tempted to take our trusty Aspirin or Pepto-Bismol, or something stronger. You are better to resist the temptation to suppress symptoms during a Healing Crisis. All you will be doing is introducing more toxins into your body to suppress the symptoms, which is what caused the illness in the first place.

A follow up of Acupuncture or Reiki, will help speed up the process and reduce the more severe symptoms, but a Healing Crisis is a necessary and vital part of the process that lets you know it is working.

Don’t be alarmed. Your body is actually very wise and very good at protecting itself. When the body begins to detoxify it does so in a manner and at a rate that it can handle. If you have a strong constitution, chances are it will clear itself faster and more intensely and be over with more quickly. If your constitution is relatively weaker, it will take longer and symptoms will be considerably milder.

In my opinion, you can help your own healing by being consciously aware of what your body is doing. Instead of popping a pill to cover up the symptoms or trying to fight off the fatigue.. go with it. Imagine that there is a thick gray sludge and it is slowly oozing out of your body taking with it all the pain and poisons. Imagine that your Anger or your Fear is draining away from your life.

Imagine that you are following behind with a powerful cleaner and scrubbing brush, cleaning and polishing your pipes until they look bright, shiny and new. They could be made of metal or glass, or if you prefer they could be multicoloured and psychedelic. You may imagine that you are tuning a musical instrument to perfect pitch. As the discomfort resolves your body plays better and better and better.

The possibilities are endless and certainly better than suffering in silence and feeling helpless.

How we feel about pain, determines, to a large degree how much we are incapacitated by it.

Using your imagination in this fashion begins the process of realizing that the pain is not all just in your body and it is not only physical toxins that are being eliminated. Your Fear, your Anger, Worry or Grief are also being drained away. Emotions are very closely linked to the physical body and what affects one will always affect the other. As well, your false beliefs, misperceptions and negative judgments that exist at the Mind level, will also begin to drain away.

Ultimately you learn that you are in control of your own body and your own life. You do not need to believe in Mind control or Mind Over Matter, to know that your body feels much better when you are happy, or that it is possible to think yourself into illness if there is something big like an exam that you really don’t want to face.

The biggest obstacle to overcome, especially with conditions like Fibromyalgia is the unknown. If you know that something is ultimately for your own benefit, and you trust that, it is much easier to deal with whatever happens.

A Healing Crisis is inevitable once we undertake to heal our bodies and our lives. As your body rids itself of toxic agents, some of which have been there for years, slowly poisoning you, a vacuum is created.

You have a choice. Into this space you can continue to dump the toxins, both physical and metaphysical, or you can choose to do things differently.

Just as your Mom used to make you take off your muddy shoes before coming into her freshly cleaned house, to make her job easier, being wide about what you put into your body bakes its job easier.

You can change your diet, for a start.

You can take up exercising or walking.

You can choose to replace negative beliefs about yourself and others with one that uplift and promote. You can resolve to get more in touch with your Spirit.

In the meantime there are a number of practical things you can do to help your healing along.

You can choose to drink clear water rather than coffee or cola. You can choose to eat fresh vegetables instead of potato chips.