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Our Story

Thank you so much for exploring iZO Living. I hope you’re enjoying the vitalizing transformation products we provide on this website.

I’d like to take a moment to share with you the story of how the iZO mission came about. I have been juicing for myself since April ’99 and over the years have crafted what many deem to be the best lip-smackin’ nutrient packin’ juice on the planet.

In March 2005, in an effort to take my quest for vibrant health and spiritual enlightenment to a new level, I moved from New York City to Los Angeles to the very top of Beachwood Canyon next to the Hollywood sign to start iZO. Of course I brought my juicer with me! Not long after establishing my juicing corner of the kitchen, Oren and Eitan, my Israeli housemates who were fascinated by my messy daily health ritual, came up to me one day and exclaimed, “Tim! (pronounced TEEM!) We have a great idea! We pay you to juice for us!” They bought me one of the best juicers on the market and I began making juice for them every day!

Then all of a sudden I was juicing for their girlfriends, and the other housemates, and the neighbors in the Hollywood Hills, and then eventually local businesses in Hollywood. I quickly realized that my quest for ultravibrant health could also manifest in an expanded line of products designed to cleanse and re-vitalize our polluted society. I guinea-pigged myself on a bunch of cleanses, fearlessly experimenting on my body like a mad scientist to find the most optimal comprehensive cleanse package possible, and voila! The iZO Cleanse was born!

With our recent expansion beyond juice cleanse products, we’ve evolved our brand into iZO Living, reflecting our mission of providing you with the products, tools, and services you need to live an evolutionary lifestyle.

We wish you the best of luck in your physical, mental, and spiritual cleanse. A pristine bodily temple will increase your ability to vibrate at higher frequencies.

May the iZO Force BE with YOU!

Tim Martin
Founder & CEO