Why Cleanse?

Detox cleansing address the fundamental physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual health needs of humans:

Physical Health

There are several societal physical health trends that point to a serious need for EVERYONE to detox cleanse:

a. Environmental pollutants have reached alarming levels, contaminating the air we breathe, the water we drink, and every-day consumer products such as drinking bottles, paint, and toys.

b. The nutritional quality of food is being sacrificed for “Big Agra” profits: non-organic farming, non-vine-ripening of produce, and artificial preservatives are the norm, while addictive Sugar/Caffeine-infused drinks, and (over)-saturated fat foods are shoved down society’s gullet in increasingly larger proportions.

c. Preventable diet-related diseases and conditions such as obesity, diabetes, candida, and depression have reached epidemic levels.

d. Ineffective and dangerous medical treatments that weaken the body’s immune system are being ‘pushed’ by “Big Pharma” and “Big Medical”, at the same time as a war is being waged on natural dietary supplements by the FDA.

Mental Health

The amount and rate of information and stimulus being fired at our minds is staggering causing acute anxiety, mental fogginess and general mental overload.

Spiritual Health

While many in our society are faithful members of a religion, the majority lack a regular Spiritual practice and are energetically disconnected with Spirit.

Emotional Health

Human beings tend to store their emotional baggage in the physical body, often leading to disease-causing mutations and physical degeneration at the cellular level, not to mention angry mood swings.


How Do I Cleanse?

Cleansing with iZO is as easy as it gets! All of our cleanses come with full customer support, many years of expert research and experience, and are designed for maximum ease of use. If you are a busy professional on the go, a parent with a den of kids on your hands, or a student immersed deep in complex research, the iZO Cleanse is the easiest, most efficient method of cleansing with minimal distraction and prep-time needed.

Before and After

You will have a schedule emailed and shipped to you and customer service line access with a real person 7 days a week.

We do recommend that you consider prepping for your iZO Cleanse the week before by switching over to lighter meals with less meat products and less toxic content (like coffee/alcohol/drugs and highly processed foods).

Additionally, it’s mission critical that you have an exit plan for your cleanse to insure that you don’t go back to unhealthy eating habits. Do NOT break your cleanse with a gut-busting feast!


What Does It Do?

When your body is without solid foods for 12 hours or more, it switches over into ‘cleanse’ mode during which it proceeds to excrete toxins and heal itself.*

It does this because you’ve taken the need for digestion away, thereby freeing up the body’s energy to be spent on healing itself.*

Ironically, although we eat food in order to gain energy, the digestion of solid foods uses up MOST of the body’s energy. When the digestion energy drain is taken away, the body can take that energy and focus it on self-healing and giving itself a surplus of energy.*


Everyone’s body is different, with different histories and needs, which can change over time. Thus everybody has their own personal responses to cleansing at any given moment in time. That being said, for most people, cleansing does the following:

  • Detoxifies the body from pervasive environmental pollutants*
  • Cleans out the colon and digestive tract and improves digestion*
  • Substantially increases physical energy and longevity*
  • Rapidly sheds unwanted weight*
  • Increases skin elasticity and vibrancy*
  • Gives the organs a much-needed rest*
  • Boosts the immune system*
  • Cleanses the blood of impurities, yeast and parasites*
  • Cultivates a desire for healthy foods*
  • Kick-starts the metabolism*
  • Improves sleep and rejuvenation patterns*
  • Improves mental clarity and focus*
  • Kicks unwanted addictions*
  • Cleanses emotional toxins*
  • Catalyzes Spiritual awakening and a deeper connection to Source*


When Should I Cleanse?

You can cleanse any time of the year and start on any day of the week that works for you. There are 3 primary drivers for a cleanse: deep cleansing, special events cleansing and stress detox. Regardless of ‘when’ you do it, detox cleansing is a way to hit the reset button on your body and transform to the next level of your personal evolution.

Whenever you do it, treat the cleanse experience with respect.


We recommend doing a good, deep cleanse of 10-14 days once or twice a year. Follow up with a maintenance cleanse of 3–5 days every two to three months.


Rather than cleanse as part of a scheduled routine, you could cleanse in preparation for certain life events such as weddings, award ceremonies, graduations, vacations, and Summer!


You could also cleanse after a particularly stressful event or period of time comes to conclusion. This is a great time for self-care  to nourish your body and soul on many levels.